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Artwork digitization and printing

Digitize your fine artwork and sell your replicas. Artwork reproductions are produced using precise color managment and high end printers with archive quality inks and papers.


Artwork digitization

Our goal is to offer true representations of all forms of fine artwork from oil based to watercolor paintings.

Artwork by Abru Aydin
16 x 20" oil painting by Ebru Aydin (original on left)
Replica printed on Epson Canvas Satin Natural and stretched on 0.75" wooden bars. All work is completed in-house.
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True colors

True color representation starts with calibrated scanners, and monitors. We use custom printer/paper profiles to accurately reproduce colors, shadow detail and smooth tonal transitions. Even our room lighting has a high color rendering index for true color artwork views.

Once digitized, we color match to the original artwork via soft and hard proofing with color managed equipment. Hard proofs will be presented for each piece of artwork. More on our digitization process below.


  Giclee Printing

"Giclée" from the french word "gicler" meaning "to spray." Giclée prints are finest form of artwork replication. We only use Epson UltraChrome HD and K3 inks in our Epson fine artwork, Giclée printers.


Epson SureColor P8000 Giclee printer

Our Epson SureColor SC-P8000 will print 44" wide on canvas and fine artwork papers. The P8000 is capable of creating finely detailed reproductions with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi. The printer utilizes Epson's newly developed UltraChrome HD pigment inks (9-ink cartridges) with a high Dmax and wider dynamic range for vivid, brilliant images.


Epson Stylus R3000 and Surecolor P600 printers

Both these 13" printers deliver ultimate quality Giclee prints using 9 cartridge, UltraChrome K3 and HD inks.  Both printers can achive an impressive resolution of 5670 x 1440 dpi. The K3 ink used in the R3000 has advanced magenta pigments for astounding reds, blues and purples.

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Quality fine art and photo papers and inks

A wide selection of archival Giclee papers from Epson® and Moab® are available for artists and photographers. Simply choose your paper type from our selection of natural, bright, textured and smooth finished fine art paper. AirClix only prints on archival papers and UltraChrome HD and K3 inks for exhibition quality prints with outstanding tonal range and fade resistance.

Artwork digitization and printing details

Maximum size of ~38 x 50" can be digitized. Artwork scanned at 300ppi resolution by default. Higher resolution available on request. Canvas does not need to be removed from wooden frame.

Artwork with extremely thick or shiny surfaces my not be compatible with our digitization process.

  • Initial artwork scans are cropped and checked for quality control. Soft proofing within Adobe Photoshop for comparison of digital version with the original artwork is performed. Hue, color, saturation, shadows and blacks are all adjusted as required to match the original.
  • Digital images are printed on 5 x 7” proofing paper and used to compare with the original. Any corrections to the digital file are completed at this point. If only digitization is requested, the client can keep a final 5 x 7" proof to confirm print colors match the orginal artwork.
  • If printing of the artwork is requested on fine art paper or canvas then another hard proof is printed on clients paper of choice. Color of the proof is again confirmed with the original artwork.
  • Printing preparation continues to confirm printing size, and to add boarders (mirrored, white or black) for 0.75" or 1.5" stretcher bars
  • Image file is printed on fine art paper of client's choice.
  • Color match of print with original is confirmed.
  • If requested, stretching on canvas commences on standard or exhibition stretcher bars. Print is varnished if desired by artist


Initial hard proofing an oil painting on proofing paper (original on left). Small proofs are printed to confirm color match prior to printing full size copy on fine art media.

Artwork by Nancy Gubersky

Artwork digitization and printing prices

Digitization prices include color matching:

  • ~12 x 12" : $20
  • ~16 x 20" : $30
  • ~18 x 24" : $40
  • ~20 x 32" : $50
  • ~24 x 36" : $60
  • ~36 x 48" : $70

Giclee Prints on Epson Exhibition Natural Matte or Satin Canvas

12 cents/ up to 30 x 40".
9 cents/ for larger than 30 x 40"

  • ~12 x 12" : $17
  • ~16 x 20" : $38
  • ~18 x 24" : $51
  • ~20 x 30" : $72
  • ~24 x 36" : $103
  • ~36 x 48" : $155

Canvas stretching

0.75" wooden bars = $1.00 per inch (width + height)
1.5" wooden bars = $1.50 per inch (width + height)


  • Stretching prices include cost of wooden bars.
  • Prices include standard boarder (white or black).
  • Mirrored boarder extra $10.00 for canvas prints over 2 sq. ft.
  • Pricing includes varnish.

Giclee prints on select Epson and Moab Papers.

Includes: Epson Exhibition Watercolor Textured (320gsm), Moab Entrada Rag Natural (300gsm)

12 cents/ up to 30 x 40".
9 cents/ for larger than 30 x 40"

  • ~12 x 12" : $17
  • ~16 x 20" : $38
  • ~18 x 24" : $51
  • ~20 x 32" : $72
  • ~24 x 36" : $103
  • ~36 x 48" : $155

Giclee prints on Premium Photopaper (260gsm)

9 cents/ up to 30 x 40".
8 cents/ for larger than 30 x 40"

 5 x 7"  $3.15
 8 x 10"  $7.20
 11 x 14"  $13.86
 13 x 19"  $22.23
 16 x 20"  $28.80
 16 x 24"  $34.56

Art Cards (Giclee)

Epson Watercolor paper  (320gsm)

4 x 6" or A6 (4.18 x 5.83") $2.75
5 x 7", 5.25 x 5.25" or 4 x 8" $4.00
9 x 12" $11.95

Moab Entrada Rag Natural (300gsm)

4 x 6" or A6 (4.18 x 5.83") $2.50
5 x 7", 5.25 x 5.25" or 4 x 8" $3.75
9 x 12" $10.95

Moab Lasal Matte (235gsm) or
Epson Watercolor paper white (190gsm)

4 x 6" or A6 (4.18 x 5.83") $1.50
5 x 7", 5.25 x 5.25" or 4 x 8" $2.25
9 x 12" $6.75

Other papers and sizes availabe. Please inquire.

AirClix Photographic Scanning

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