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Artwork Digitizing and Giclee Printing

Information and examples of Giclee printing of fine artwork and Photography.

Scanner vs Camera for Digitizing

April 16, 2019

We had a chance to directly compare artwork captured with camera vs scanner.  Listed below are some benefits of scanning arwork that is non glossy, flat and not over 40 x 50".

Camera capture (competitor)

artwork captured with camera

Appears lighter in the upper left hand corner and darker in the bottom right hand corner.

Scanner capture (AirClix)

artwork caputured with scanner

Artwork looks uniform and shadows have more detail. Painting by Daniel W. Smith.

Benefits of scanning artwork

  • Consistant and reproducible lighting.
  • Higher resolution and more detail.
  • Always in focus.

Art Card Printing

Aug 29, 2018

example of art cards 5 x 5

Greeting Art Cards (various sizes)

  • Most demanded: 5 x 7" (folded size) on Moab Lasal (10 x 7") acid free paper.
  • Other paper types and various sized art cards are available.

example of 9x12 art card

9 x 12" Art Cards

Artwork by Gene Prokop
  • AirClix can accurately recreate your artwork on fine art papers in 9 x 12" format.
  • We suggest clients view supplied hard proofs prior to higher print runs.

Art Cards (Giclee)

Moab Entrada Textured, 100% cotton, (300gsm)

4 x 6" or A6 (4.18 x 5.83") $2.75
5 x 7", 5.25 x 5.25" or 4 x 8" $4.00
9 x 12" $11.95

Moab Lasal Matte, acid free (235gsm)

4 x 6" or A6 (4.18 x 5.83") $1.50
5 x 7", 5.25 x 5.25" or 4 x 8" $2.25
5 x 7" scored and folded (10 x 7") paper $3.00
9 x 12" $7.95

Other papers and sizes availabe. Please inquire.
Printing on reverse surface of Moab papers possible.
All printing completed in house.

Artcards being printed.

Recent Printing Projects

May 25, 2018

canvas print example

16 x 20" Canvas Print

35mm film scan printed on Epson canvas satin natural

artist's print on fine art paper

Artwork on Archival Fineart Paper

Artwork by Joshua Alexander

artwork reproduction Art by Gene Prokop

Reproduction of original artwork

Economical 9 x 12" copies available on Moab lasal 235gsm
Artwork by Gene Prokop

watercolor print example

11 x 14" on Moab Entrada Textured

Moab Entrada 100% cotton paper is perfect for any watercolor painting reproduction.

Epson Surecolor P8000 Giclee Printer

Our new 44" wide printer had arrived March 14, 2018

Epson P8000 Giclee printer

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