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Image editing

Information and examples of photo and film restoration projects using image editing software. AirClix can restore, enhance or manipulate your photography even if it's faded, discolored, torn, scratched, stained...

Example of a photographic restoration.

Posted Feb 5, 2019

AirClix will remove photographs or artwork from frame prior to digitizing. Adobe Photoshop is used to repair and enhance the digital image in order to obtain outstanding Giclee prints on photographic or cotton/archival quality papers. 

Giclee prints next to original copy

Giclee prints (right) created from an original family portrait.

The prints look better than the original and can be customized to client requirements such as tone, size, paper types.

Examples of Auto VS Manual Color Correction.

Posted Jan 29, 2016

Photoshop’s “autocolor and contrast” correction on digitized images usually results in great color balance for each image. However, sometimes manual manipulation is required! This is why every image is checked for correct color balance after batch processing scans.

image with no color correction

No color correction

Original image obtained from 4000ppi slide scan.

image after auto color correction

Auto color correction

Image after Photoshop's autocolor

image after manual color correction

Manual color correction

Image after manual color adjustment using Photoshop

Image Editing Examples

Posted Dec 10, 2016

example of image with object removed

Remove objects from photograph

We can also place selected objects onto different backgrounds.

repair of old, stained negative

Repair old stained or damaged film

Films can be negatives, or positive transparencies

example images of before and after repair

Repair old photographs

Repaired using Photoshop. Send us your photo for cost estimate.

before and after repair of ripped photo

Repair ripped photograph

We'll scan the pieces and make the photo whole again!

example images of before and after repair

Scan, repair and print!

This old poster (top) was permanently stuck to the frame glass. The only option was to scan through the glass. The scan was edited with Photoshop and Giclee printed to produce a great looking print.

watermarks removed from photo

Watermarks removed

Sometimes the original studio no longer has the negatives and clients only have watermarked proofs. We can remove the watermarks and make prints from the proofs! Original studio release is required.

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