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Informal posts regarding our photo and film scanning techniques and equipment. Resulting digital images show our level of expertise, attention to detail and benefits of using high end equipment.

KodaChrome slide scanning using the Nikon CoolScan.

Posted Mar, 2019

Our Nikon scanner is a KodaChrome slide "specialist" with a dedicated KodaChrome scan setting. This slide film was introduced in 1935 and became very popular with photographers for it's brilliant colors and fine grain. Of course, other slide film can be scanned using the Nikon.

Kodachrome slide scan
KodaChrome slide

29 cent photograph scanning

Posted Dec 12, 2017

autofeed scanner

29 cent photo scanning

Photo digitization for all budgets
Scanning costs are usually a concern when 1000’s of photographs need digitizing. AirClix offers an economical 29 cent photograph scanning alternative to our regular flatbed photo scanning.

A low cost of 29 cents/scan service is possible due to our completely automated protocol using an autofeed scanner and Photoshop.

The service includes:
  • 600ppi resolution
  • 24 bit color
  • cropped and rotated to correct orientation
  • color balance and contrast correction
  • The reverse side of the photographs may be also scanned (10 cents each).  .
  • There are no extra fees for project setup, saving files to DVD’s or USB memory devices.
  • Expect fast, 1 day service, for projects under 500 photographs.
  • Color balance and contrast correction
  • Please watch a 30 second video on YouTube showing the scanning process.
  • Please note that this service is recommended only for photographs in good to excellent condition.

Comparison images of flatbed and autofed scans

Here are sample images captured at 600dpi by a Flatbed scanner. Another duplicate set of images was scanned with an autofed scanner at 600dpi.
The arrow points to a “dust line” on the horse picture captured using the autofed scanner. Dust lines which occur 0 - 5% of the time depending photograph’s condition.

image1 from autofed scanner
image2 from autofed scanner
image3 from autofed scanner
image4 from autofed scanner

image1 from flatbed scanner
image2 from flatbed scanner
image3 from flatbed scanner
image4 from flatbed scanner

Scratch and dust removal from film scans.

Posted Nov, 2013

Our film scanner is able to detect dust and scratches and remove them from the capured image. Go to the Nikon Coolscan video showing the scanner in action. The Coolscan does an amazing job! The dust and scratch removal from the final image is hardware based using ICE. As a result, image quality is not compromised in order to remove dust and scratches from the image.

image showing scratches on negative

Image from film scan with ICE off

Close up of a scan (4000ppi) of a very scratched color negative
image with scratches removed by scanner

Image from film scan with ICE on

Image from same negative. Wait...what happened to the scratches?

SF-210 (slide feeder) for Nikon CoolScan

Posted Jan, 2014

How handy is a slide feeder! I find the SF-210 works great. See a short video of this Nikon slide feeder in action. For the most part, the feeder can be left unattended after 50 slides have been loaded.

Nikon slide feeder

Nikon SF-210 slide feeder

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