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Graphic services

Services include:

  • Convert raster (bitmap) image files to vector files.
  • Convert drawings, logos and artwork to vector files.
  • Assemble documents such as hand outs, posters and artcards.
graphic art sample

Vector graphic created with Adobe™ Illustrator.

The vector file - advantage and creation.

 Raster vs vector files?

  • JPG files are a common form of raster (bitmap) image files types. All raster images are made up of an array of pixels that form an image.The image resolution (pixels per inch) changes when the image dimensions change.
  • AI or EPS files are common forms of vector files. Vector images are derived mathimatically and can be scaled without changes to image quality. No pixels here!      

Vector image files have an advantage because they are scalable.

Vector file creation.

  1. Scan your image and convert to a vector image file using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  2. Draw the image directly in Adobe Illustrator from conceptional drawings.

AirClix can perform #1 or #2. Keep in mind we are not Graphic designers!

pixels seen in raster image

Example of a raster image file.

Low resolution jpg image file showing pixels.

sharp vector file example

Example of vector file

Vector file of same image. No pixels and totally scalable.

Graphic service details

  • Initial consultation:
    1. Client presents drawings, artwork or mockup for vector graphic.
    2. Basic design aspects and project costs discussed.
    3. Further requirements discussed (example, insertion of graphic into a document).
  • Drawings on paper can be scanned, traced manually or automatically using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Supplied raster image files can be converted via tracing tools in Illustrator.
  • We can also directly draw graphic using Illustrator from mockups or wireframes.
  • Vector file saved as AI, EPS or SVG.
  • Client will be sent final version for approval.
  • Print of graphic or document supplied if required.

Graphic services using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop: $40.00/hour

example of graphic art

Swan creation using Adobe Illustrator.

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AirClix’s customers are always satisfied with the value of the service provided. Most are impressed with the speed of project completion and the quality of our work.

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