Dear Artists,  AirClix Art Gallery and Web Shop was created in part to help Edmonton area artists sell and promote their artwork online. Please contact Miles if you would like to display your artwork or photography on this site.  It's free to list.

If your artwork or photography is sold on our online gallery, printing and handling fees (+GST) are subtracted from the web sales price and the balance is paid to the artist. 

Printing and handling fees. 

  1. Item sold for amount requested. 
  2. Minus 2.95% (online credit card payment processing fee). 
  3. Minus printing fee. Check out our printing price list.
  4. Minus handling and packaging fee: 

  5. - $50 for stretched canvas prints
    - $25 for fine art papers over 11 x 14" or canvas prints shipped in tubes
    - $15.00 for fine artwork papers equal to or less than 11 x 14".

  6. Minus packing material cost. 
  7. Balance paid to artist as royalty. 

Example 1: If a $350.00 item (eg. 16 x 20" canvas print) is sold and paid online by visa, the royalty paid to the artist would be $205.25.

Detailed calculations: $350 (sell price) - $10.35 (bank fee) - $66.66 (printing and stretching on 0.75" bars) - $50.00 (handling fee) - $10.00 (shipping box and packing materials) = $212.99.

Example 2: If a $45.00 item (eg. 8 x 10" watercolor print) is sold and paid online via PayPal, the royalty paid to the artist would be $18.80. 

Detailed calculations: $45 (sell price) - $9.20 (printing) - $15.00 (handling fee) - $2.00 (envelop and packing) = $18.80.

Other information: 

Royalties will be paid to the artist by etransfer or PayPal™. 

GST collected from sales will be forwarded to Government of Canada (CRA). AirClix GST number: 763431061 RT0001

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is shipped with every Giclee reproduction and provides the artist’s name, date, the title of the work. This document also guarantees that archival quality Giclee inks (Epson UltraChrome HD/Pro10), papers and canvas are used to print every reproduction.

Original artwork pieces are available. Please inquire: or contact the artist directly.